Meet the Readers

The Paranor Review is a joint reading project by Sara Lundberg Campbell and August Baker. The two do lots of other things in their spare time! You should check that out. Or not. Whatever sounds like fun.

Sara Lundberg Campbell

I first read Sword of Shannara when I was a kid. Back in those days, I read epic fantasy for breakfast and Michael Crichton’s sci-fi for dinner. As an adult, I read more urban fantasy and horror than high fantasy and sci-fi, so I am interested to see if I still love these books as much as I did back then. These days I am a writer myself, and I’ve been told before that my writing style is very Terry Brooks. It should be fun to relive these books and see how influential they really have been on my writing.

August Baker

I started reading Terry Brook when I was in High School, when I would read any long series of fantasy I could get my hands on. I hated Terry Goodkind, was bored by Robert Jordan, but something about the world of Shannara captivated me for years. I have read all the novels up through Legends of Shannara, with varying degrees of enjoyment. I’m extremely curious to see if my opinions through this reread are the same as when I read them the first time, so many years ago.